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Jul 14th, 2016

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Julianne Moore dished out a few spoilers for her upcoming film, “Maggie’s Plan.” The actress shared how complicated divorce gets, especially when children are involved. Though it may be hard, things took a twist as their family got better.

Julianne Moore’s interview with Daily Mail revealed her views when it comes to marriage, family life, and divorce. Despite struggling to keep up with the flu, Julianne Moore managed to make it to her Daily Mail interview to dish out a few details regarding “Maggie’s Plan.”

Really, I’ll be fine,” the star of “Maggie’s Plan” tells Daily Mail when she was asked if she could still do the interview. “I’m flying home tomorrow to my family. Let’s do it.

As the interview progressed and the Oscar-winning actress felt at ease, she started to dish out “Maggie’s Plan” storyline. It was then revealed that she’s playing the role of Georgette, a “high-flying academic” whose marriage is on the verge of divorce.

In “Maggie’s Plan,” Julianne Moore’s character is married to John (portrayed by Ethan Hawk) who is an aspiring author and a lecturer at the university where Maggie (the character who’s name is the title) works as an adviser. Maggie, portrayed by Greta Gerwig, longs to have a child of her own at the age of 30, thus she’s looking for a sperm donor, who happens to be John (Ethan Hawk.)

Things started to complicate as Maggie falls in love with John, who was initially just a sperm donor. As the story progressed, Georgette and John pushed their divorce which then ended up with Maggie tying the knot with John. Though things got a bit complicated, a heartwarming twist took place as Georgette and Maggie became best friends.

I’ve had women tell me, “You know what? I love his new wife, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because the kids love her, and if they’re OK with her, then so am I,”’ the star of “Maggie’s Plan” tells the interviewer. “Whatever their differences, people usually have a common goal, and that is to make their children happy and ensure they are well cared for.
Julianne Moore then added that the movie “Maggie’s Plan” depicted the beauty of modern family wherein the first and second wife/husband would eventually share parental duties for the sake of the kids. Co-parenting may not be easy at first, especially after divorce. Psychology Today gave out a few Dos and Don’ts in making co-parenting work.

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